Vitor Matos

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"My cuisine would be different had my story been a different one, had there been different memories and experiences in my past.
My first steps in the culinary world, were to literally follow my mother around in the kitchen, especially, when I came home from school and observed the bustling dinner preparations. It was a sort of experimental and not always successful cuisine, where I gathered the ingredients together and mixed them all up, without following any particular rules.
From then on, I continued to improve myself by developing ideas, selecting produce, improving my techniques, refining my palate and adding experiences to my development, as an individual and as a professional."

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João Araújo

"It was a simple nut cake that turned into a desire to feel and taste all the flavours and combinations of this world! To this were added the whisks, the nutcracker, the spoons, all the essential utensils for the training of a cook. Ingredients such as flour, eggs, butter, a reflection of their places of origin with their, character and identity determined by local tradition and producers. Add to that the yeast, an element contributed by people, places, travels and a team, essential for the cake to grow, and make the result as perfect as possible! This all culminates around a table, the setting for the main story, where food and drink give rise to great tales and lasting friendships."



Rita Magro

"Between walls, especially those of the kitchen, she turns dreams into plans. Passionate about challenges and enigmas, there is no excellence she wouldn’t want to test. Of all the mysteries she seeks to unravel, she believes that her own destiny belongs between the fire and the pots."

Blind barman


Diogo Pinto