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The BLIND Restaurant is part of the Torel Palace Porto, a five-star boutique hotel that pays tribute to Portuguese poets and writers. It is a tribute to José Saramago's work, Ensaio Sobre a Cegueira, in a journey of sensory discovery, in a world where blindness makes us see the truth, where we invite guests to explore the 5 senses in a unique gastronomic experience

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José Saramago, master of words and emblematic writer, was born in 1922 in the fields of Azinhaga, Portugal, where the flavors of the land were as rich as his stories. From a locksmith to a civil servant, he traveled a unique path, absorbing the culture and wisdom hidden between the lines of life.

Widely recognized as one of the most important contemporary Portuguese-language authors, José Saramago is one of the biggest names in world literature, where his works have challenged and captivated the world.

In 1998, Saramago won the Nobel Prize for Literature for his most controversial work, "The Gospel According to Jesus Christ" (1991), which generated a lot of criticism for the author at the time of its publication and was even censored by the Portuguese government.

However, the best-known work is "Blindness" (1995), due to its successful adaptation for the cinema. Upon entering our establishment, the gaze is naturally drawn to the ambiance of the bar, which evokes the intimate and captivating atmosphere of a cinema, a subtle homage to the premiere of "Blindness" at the renowned Cannes Film Festival.

"If you can look, see. If you can see, notice."

José Saramago

A dystopian novel that delves deep into the human condition, questioning the essence of civilization and moral values. Saramago uses a fluid narrative and dense prose to create a distressing and provocative atmosphere, exploring the limits of empathy and cruelty that can arise in extreme situations.

At Blind, each dish is a narrative, interweaving premium quality ingredients in a dance of flavors that echo the complexity of his novels. Under the guidance of BLIND MASTER, Vitor Matos, we unveil BLIND EMOTIONS, tasting experiences that transcend mere culinary appreciation.