Welcome to a journey

to awaken your senses

Feel. Touch. Taste.

We invite you on a journey through the culinary universe of Blind’s Master Vitor Matos and his team. Let your senses be stimulated by our surprise menus, each moment reaching you in a unique manner. Let your curiosity guide you; experience a new way of enjoying food.

Close your eyes and open your mind.


"More than to look, it's important to observe each other."

José Saramago

At Blind we put into practice our skills, our Master's memories, of a constantly evolving world where authenticity and taste are its ultimate expression. The purest way of seeing life.
Your senses will be tested through a fresh, renewed, evolutionary and sensitive cuisine. We seek in the detail of each moment, a combination of unique sensations experienced in a relaxed and fun environment.


Influenced by our emotions, and by the pleasure of developing tastes and textures that are in harmony and which transport us to a private world, the imaginary, prepare yourself to be captivated and to enter a world of discovery.

Our mission is not that you see, but that you never forget.

We invite you to try our Blind Experience 1 with ten moments, or our Blind Experience 2 with 12 moments. Both menus can be accompanied by a wine pairing: Select between “Blind Date 1” and “Blind Date 2“.